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Hyundai localise operations


HYUNDAI has recently opened its first assembly factory in South Africa and will initially build medium-sized commercial trucks. Already available in the commercial series is the Hyundai HD range, as either the HD65 or HD72.

These two trucks in the new Hyundai HD series look good, without losing the attributes of toughness and durability to do the work. They’ve also been engineered to be safe and reliable to keep a business on the go with a minimum of downtime.

On the outside the HD series, consisting of the HD65 and HD72 with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 6 500kg and 7200kg respectively, have been given neat and clean lines that spell out functionality. Its new Multi Focus Reflection (MFR) headlights, with the big direction indicators next to them, form part of the bold, front appearance of the HD series.

The stylish front headlights are also a major night-driving safety feature as they feature Multi Focus Reflection Technology for clearer, wider and more precise light projection.

The MFR headlights are only one of several new highlights found in the new HD series. Among the other new features is the tilting cab, semi-floating-type cab suspension and air control system to name a few.

The Hyundai HD series trucks are developed for safety. This serves as the foundation for rugged structure and extraordinary ride and handling. Furthermore, the world-class safety feature from an ABS integrated EBD brake system is equipped as standard.

Another small - but very important - safety feature hidden underneath the chassis of the HD trucks’ propshaft safety catch, which prevents the shaft from hitting the ground in case of breakage – thus protecting driver, passengers and other road users.

The heat-treated steel frame of the HD truck is reinforced with cross members and new bolt-type fasteners, which combine to improve resistance to frame twisting and flexing.

Optimal suspension resilience, whether the truck is fully loaded or empty, comes from the proven leaf springs with advanced shock absorber technology.

The large brake linings and tandem brake boosters give consistently dependable and powerful braking. Fluid levels are easy to check and maintain and the advanced integrated fuel filter only requires servicing at 50 000 km intervals.

Hyundai’s HD series trucks undergo a range of stringent tests to maintain the highest standards in development and manufacturing. These tests are done to ensure durability, performance, safety and the lowest possible levels of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Among the tests that the HD trucks have to endure, are the waterproof test and the high-speed running test. The tests to check the NVH levels include running the trucks on unpaved roads.

The high-speed running test is done at Hyundai’s high-speed track and this is carried out to ensure the HD trucks can withstand the robust ride and handling that such a workhorse is subjected to, and that they have the expected maneuverability at low and high speeds.

The power source for the HD65 and HD72 is the turbocharged D4DB diesel engine with a displacement of 3 907cc. This robust, durable engine, equipped with an intercooler for the turbocharging process, delivers 95kW maximum power and maximum torque of 372Nm.

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