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Keep the personal touch


There's something to be said for making the effort to spend time at a dealership before buying a car.

A VISIT to a dealership is always a good idea when it comes to that time in your life when you need a new (or previously owned) vehicle.

For a start, you can put a face to the name of someone you have spoken to on the phone. It makes a huge difference. Sure, you can check out loads and loads of info online, but there's nothing quite like the personal touch. The sales executives know what they are talking about. They can show you all the features of whatever car it is you are interested in. They'll run you through all the specs, so you can see up close for yourself. 


Go for that test drive. Enjoy it. It's fun. Drive other vehicles to compare. Don't settle until you are completely satisfied. You'll also need to know what comes standard with a vehicle, and what doesn't. And just how much the extras you want will cost.

In a day where fraudsters and scam artists seemingly abound, getting to know the person and staff at the dealership is something that cannot be overstated. 

Buying a car is a big deal in anyone's life, even for those with loads of cash. 


Having that post-purchase peace of mind, and knowing that your hard-earned money has been well spent, is vital, and can be best established by meeting the sales executive face-to-face.

What can often happen is that you get a feel for the dealership as well. You can tell what staff morale is like, usually by the welcome you receive. If it's lukewarm, then you'll know to perhaps move on to another dealership, or buy another brand of vehicle.

In today's less-than-spectacular economic climate, no dealership in South Africa wants to lose any potential customers.


Although it can be a little bit intimidating for some to walk into a showroom without knowing anyone or unsure of what they want, staff at the dealership (should) really want to see you walk into their showroom.

So, you should know that there are always 'deals' to be had, or made. Visiting, and spending some quality time at a dealership will go a long way towards securing that deal. 

So don't be in a hurry. Yes, time is money, but this will be money well spent in the long run.


If it's a previously owned car, you can find out the history of the vehicle in great detail. Further, you will established a relationship of sorts, so if anything does go wrong with the car, the matter can be peacefully and swiftly resolved.

Also, when it comes to after sales service - ie: your regular services of the car - you'll more than likely get greater care taken on your car.

It just works that way, in life in general. 


There's a lot of paperwork involved in buying a new car, so you'll need patience when it comes to this. Very often, a dealership will have a finance and insurance section on the floor to help guide you along.

Make sure you ask about specials and other offers that may be available.

There's a lot more to it, but these are some things to consider.


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