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LIQUI MOLY more than just engine oil


Last week we attended an event hosted by Liqui Moly SA. They showcased some of their products and gave us the opportunity to meet their managing director, Mr Ernst Prost. Firstly, I just want to acknowledge this man. This is his his first time in South Africa and he couldn’t stop telling us how beautiful it is. He also told us why Germans are so clever and I found this explanation very interesting. “We Germans are clever because all we do is work. Our weather is bad so we just stay at work and work. There is nothing else to do in Germany besides work,” he said. He has a passion for his company and products yet, throughout his entire speech, he did not mention his product once.

Mr Prost has confidence in his company and his product. If you don’t know much about LIQUI MOLY let me enlighten you for a moment.

LIQUI MOLY grew from a small additive producer to an engine oil brand known all around the globe; the group has decades of experience in engine oils and additives and has gained considerable growth over recent years. Mr Prost referred to his company as a “chicken s....t company” when he took over, 25 years ago. Now, with hard work and dedication the company is a multimillion Euro global player.

At the beginning of LIQUI MOLY, there was a silvery glimmer. The glimmer came from molybdenum disulphide, a dark grey crystalline mineral. Founded in Ulm in 1957, LIQUI MOLY held the patent for production of this mineral and used the molybdenum disulphide as a basis to develop an engine oil additive. This additive improved the lubricating ability of the oil, lengthened the lifetime of the engine and even protected it when there was no oil left for lubrication. The product created the name for the company, liquid molybdenum disulphide, LIQUI MOLY. This product paved the way to success, from this one additive, an entire range of products were developed. Today it numbers in excess of 4 000 products: Engine and gear oils, additives and vehicle care products, workshop equipment and service products.

Apart from the engine oils, LIQUI MOLY has also recognised the need for bicycle care products and they have an entire range just for bicycles. “Cycling has become the new golf. Twenty percent of people in an office can play golf whereas 70 per cent of people in the same office can cycle,” said Melicia Labuschagne, GM Liqui Moly SA. The range includes the following products: BIKE chain oil lube dry lube, BIKE chain oil wet lube, BIKE chain spray, BIKE LM-40 multi-purpose spray, BIKE cleaner, BIKE chain cleaner, BIKE gloss spray wax, BIKE tyre fix.

Liqui Moly SA has made a huge commitment to various motor related sponsorships, which has played a key part of their marketing plan for the brand. This year is no different. Liqui Moly SA have announced their commitment to their regular local sponsors with a number of deals still to be announced; they will again be the title sponsors of the Legends Series for 2015 and will also continue to support Clare Vale in the drifting, current rally champion Guy Botterill, XS Promotions with the Super drift, the Enduron class in Historic series, Franco Scribante and George Avocomides in the historic series, Pablo Clark Racing with Jaki Scheckter, the son of South Africa’s only Formula 1 world champion, the WCOC in Western Cape and numerous other teams and riders that will be announced at a later date.

LIQUI MOLY is also the official supplier for Subaru SA, which means that every Subaru serviced in South Africa will only use LIQUI MOLY products.

The engine oil specialist LIQUI MOLY succeeds, despite competition from major companies. LIQUI MOLY is the undisputed market leader in Germany and chosen the most popular brand of lubricants in Germany and growing worldwide, year after year. Visit their website to find a list of retailers near you.

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Posted by: Stephan Singleton
Submitted: 14-11-2017
What grades off oil do u have and how can I sell this oil to my customers