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Land Rover’s pioneering trailer research: Four things you should know


TRAILER safety is something that’s always been an issue when going on holiday. We’ve all seen or made use of those extended rear-view mirrors and even seen what can go wrong when towing. Now, Land Rover - through its own research - has developed a see-through trailer concept that would completely remove the blind spot created when towing a caravan or trailer.

Here are four key elements about this technology:

  1. It removes the blind spot when towing - By using the car’s reverse camera and a wireless camera, mounted on the trailer itself, the system then combines the two video feeds and the projection makes the trailer appear see-through;
  2. Sensors on the floor - The driver wouldn’t be able to see if the car trailer was effectively invisible so there have been load sensors placed on the floor of the trailer, meaning that should the weight transfer in the trailer, the driver would be notified;
  3. There’s an app for it - It’s called, the Cargo Sense App, which allows the owner to monitor the trailer and its contents remotely; a big plus for the equestrian enthusiasts;
  4. The prototype is being tested - The prototype version is being tested currently at the Burghley Horse Trials in the UK from the 3rd to the 6th September.

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