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Land Rovers future looks bright


WE RECENTLY reportedon one of the pioneering off-road technologies - the Transparent Bonnet head-up display system - that Land Rover is working on for its future models. Showcasing these features is the Discovery Vision Concept, which was unveiled at the New York Auto Show.

The interior features two types of washable and water- and oil-repellent leather called Foglizzo. The seats can be folded forward or back via the touch-screen menu and can be changed from a seven-seater to a six-, five- or four-seaterand even ‘limousine’ mode.

There is also an evolution of the Discovery’s tailgate, which incorporates a powered, single-piece design as well as a deployable rear sill step and a folding bench seat in the loading area.

Other next-generation technology includes the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) technology,which includes video calls between passengers through the seatback infotainment screens, Smart Glass bringing the power of augmented reality to the entire glasshouse and various functions - including the doors, indicators, headlamps and seatback screens - operated by Gesture Control.

There is also something called Remote Control Drive being developed,which enables the driver to manoeuvre the car at very low speeds while not actually seated inside. This technology could come in handy in both on- and off-road situations, like coupling a trailer or even external spotting during extreme off-roading.

 Navigating through tight spaces (think the Sandton City parking area) has been addressed too, with the visual assistance of Laser Referencing, which utilises visible lasers to project markings, symbols and imagery onto ground surfaces.

There is also Laser Terrain Scanning, which uses infrared lasers emitted from the front fog lamps to continuously scan the terrain being traversed and renders a contour map on the high-definition instrument cluster display. 

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