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Licence renewal woes: What you had to say


EARLIER this week we heard news that consumers will have to provide proof of residence when applying for a new vehicle and driver's licence. The change comes as a result of regulation 32A of the National Road Traffic Regulations.

That means, we are now required to provide proof of identity, business number/address and personal address, depending on what the vehicle is used for and of course which document you’re applying for, before it can be presented to you. Don’t worry… the outstanding e-toll fees will not prevent you from getting your licence.

We decided to conduct a small survey, asking you, the public about the changes made and if you believe that it’s necessary. We conducted the interview at three major shopping centres where we informed the public of the changes and then asked them if they felt it was a good or a bad move.

The majority of the public said it was a bad thing as it would create an unnecessary burden to produce more documentation when renewing motoring particulars. Of the 63 people interviewed across age and ethnic groups, we noted that some 56 reacted negatively, while the remaining positive respondents felt this would be a more secure way of going about things. They mentioned things like the prevention of fraud, the regulation of the process and an increased legitimacy of the renewal process.

What do you think about the changes made? Comment below, share with us on Facebook or participate in our Twitter poll @autodealersa.

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