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Living room racer: Part 2


In part 1 of living room racer I looked at an open world racing game. Now I focus on one of the best driving simulators on offer. Something which has become very popular with gamers across the world.

Forza Motorsport 6:

If a driving simulator is more down your alley then you should consider Forza 6. It is the sixth Forza Motorsport and eighth overall instalment in the Forza series. Forza has become a staple amongst driving enthusiasts over the last few years. Forza Motorsport 6 features new gameplay elements, such rain and night racing. Also featured, is a new story mode called "Stories of Motorsport", which offers approximately 70 hours of gameplay. Forza Motorsport 6 features more than 450 cars, more than twice the number of cars in Forza Motorsport 5.

First revealed during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan on January 12, 2015, Turn 10 continued to partner with BBC automotive series Top Gear, but the show's presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, was excluded from the game. Turn 10 also partnered with Ford Motor Company, the manufacturer of the 2017 Ford GT cover car.

Upon release, the game received largely positive reviews, with critics praising the game's new additions, content, and weather effects. New to the Forza Motorsport series is wet-weather racing. The water effects can affect the race by causing cars to skid or aquaplane if driven through puddles. Designers visited the real-world tracks to observe where puddles formed on the tracks in order to model them in the game. The puddles will appear at the same locations and behave the same way whenever the track is wet, giving players a chance to learn where the hazards are and how to deal with them.

Turn 10 Studios confirmed that the partnership with BBC automotive series Top Gear would continue, but would not include presenter Jeremy Clarkson. The Top Gear test track and The Stig's digital cousin returns from Forza Motorsport 5. Commentary from presenters James May and Richard Hammond is featured throughout the game.

Forza Motorsport 6 has 460 cars with an additional 142 cars available through paid DLC. This is more than twice the number of cars available at launch when compared to Forza Motorsport 5. Further, all of the cars at launch would be available without the use of tokens, purchased through microtransactions, as was the case in Forza Motorsport 5.

The game includes a wide variety of manufacturers, 2016 model year introductions, supercars, sports compacts, muscle cars, and all eras of Grand Prix motor racing. Road cars from over 67 different makes are featured in the game. Vehicles are rendered using the physically-based materials (PBM) system, which allows for the realistic simulation of light as it's reflected and refracted on different materials, such as a car's paint job which may include a diffuse base layer, a more transparent layer with metal flake, and a separate clear coat. The game also includes race cars from the world's top motorsport series including V8 Supercars, British Touring Car Championship, FIA World Touring Car Championship, Porsche, NASCAR, and FIA World Endurance Championship.

As for the tracks, well Forza Motorsport 6 features 28 tracks. Notable real-world tracks include Nürburgring, which I decided to tackle. The graphics are great and the driving is that of a well honed simulator. The car reacts to incorrect input as it would in the real world. The Audi RS4 that I took around did suffer from understeer which is pretty realistic. There are settings which help make things easier, for example the player can activate or deactive traction control as well as stability control, turn ABS on or off and even opt for a brake assist function.

The game caters for those who just want to drive their favourite car on their favourite track or for those players who are hard core virtual racers wanting to set the fastest lap times and thanks to its online connectivity those players can challenge drivers from around the world.


Article written by Justin Jacobs
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