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Morgan unveil a 'new' Plus 4


CALLING all who wear tweed, smoke a pipe and talk about the war as though it were yesterday… I've found you the perfect car.

It comes from the Morgan Motor Company, which is based in England's west midlands. The car in question, the Plus 4, can trace its roots back to the 1950s. How is that possible, you might ask, considering this news piece has gone to print in 2015? Well, Morgan's definition of the word 'new' might be considered slightly unconventional because the Plus 4 hasn't actually changed much since it first arrived on the scene.

So, what's the fuss then? Well the Plus 4 is celebrating its 65th anniversary and Morgan feel they should make a bit of a fuss about one of their more iconic cars.

To do so, they handed over one of their inherently lightweight ash (yes, the wood) frame chassis' to Aero Racing motorsport - a crowd who specialise in fast Morgans. Replacing the adequate, but perhaps slightly sedate 2.0-litre Ford motor was of course priority number one. And so this Plus 4 gets a fittingly British Cosworth unit developing 170kW.

With a kerb weight comfortably under a tonne - thanks to extensive use of aluminium - should spell decent performance, see 0-100km/h in around six seconds. Unfortunately no official stats have been released.

Other changes are made too. Soundproofing in the hood and throughout the body of the car ensures a reduction in road and wind noise, improving this fancy new thing called NVH (noise, vibration and harshness). A redesigned dashboard distinguishes the car together with LED lights all round for better usability.

Each car will be hand-built and set up by AR's technicians, which is probably why they're only building 50, with Morgan promising 'capable and exhilarating performance' on road and track.

Right everyone, enough of that, it's tea time!

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Article written by Miles Downard
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