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Motoring ahead: Our top five motoring apps


We like to think of ourselves as petrol heads, here at Autodealer, and as such we’ve filled our beloved Smartphones with apps that make high-octane fuel race through our veins.

  1. CSR Racing: Let’s begin with the elephant in the room. This game requires 287 megabytes, so make sure your device has enough memory and that you download it off Wi-Fi to avoid a nasty surprise when receiving your data bill. Other than that, this game is fantastic, with seriously impressive graphics and a great physics engine for realistic game play. There are over 65 vehicles to choose from (you can also tune them),which can race against one of the five crews built into the game or, you could play online against other users. The game works well on a Smartphone, however, a ‘phablet’ or even a tablet, is even better as the screen is larger.

  2. Name that Car: We found the game to be mantastic at first but then discovered that the fairer sex loved it just as much as we did. The game aims to provide the user with clues in the form of tiles, which reveal a certain part of a vehicle. You have five options. The difficulty in the game increases as you progress with smaller tiles being used. There are a few games like this, however, the version from Empire Games seems to be the best with over 400 vehicles and a range of achievements to unlock.

  3. Official F1 App: Motorsport fans will find this app absolutely essential to their F1 viewing. Not only does the app provide lap times and leaderboards, it also provides news and commentary from the F1 website. If you want live timing, in-corner analysis, team radio transmissions, DRS usage indicators and additional commentary, then you’ll have to pay to activate these features and become a ‘premium’ user in the app itself. The one problem with this app is that the app-makers obviously want you to go the premium route and therefore advertise the Premium Season pass constantly which often gets in the way of the user experience.

  4. Google Maps- There are many, and we mean many, GPS apps out there but apart from Waze, Maps is the only application that we find works from a South African perspective. It allows you to calculate a route for yourself, whether it be walking, cycling or driving, which is handy. It also has a street view function which allows for you to view your location before arriving. There are live traffic reports now, which really help during the commute. It can also provide you with information about activities happening in your local area.

  5. Torque: Now this is an app that many a petrol head would love. It allows you to speak to your cars electronic brain (ECU) via an adapter that plugs in to the ECU and connects through your phones Bluetooth. The app can then provide you with real-time information about your vehicle and even give fault codes to help diagnose any problems. You can run logs and view vehicle-testing results. It will never be as advanced as the equipment your tuner provides and it cannot adjust the performance of your vehicle. However, for a relatively small amount of money (adapter is around R400) you have access to your vehicle’s ECU and that’s pretty cool in our books.

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