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Motorsport kids heading for Zwartkops


Nursery school boys all geared up for upcoming 50cc Zwartkops club race leading up to season championship.

A new generation of future local motorsport legends will officially be introduced to competitive racing this weekend - early enough to groom them into the passionate racers that champions are made of.

At five years old Milan Otto is a third generation motorsport participant following the legacies of his father, Michael, and grandfather, Riaan - both widely recognised as not just competitors during their reign - but destined winners.

Milan already has the temperament of a cool, calm individual and a natural flair to maintain focus for long periods of time. But it's still too early to pinpoint his strengths and weaknesses.

“We’ve taken him a couple of times to the Zwartkops raceway for practice sessions and he’s catching on quickly to the nature of circuit racing,” Michael said of his eldest son.

In the category 50cc, the kadett race this weekend is a MSA club race seen as a warm-up to the season-long championship for the junior age-categories.

Racing alongside Milan will be his best friend, four year old WG van Straaten, who’s also the son of local Northern Regions Rally driver - Willie van Straaten.

“It’s nerve-wrecking because he’s so young but at the same time I’m really excited for him. One thing’s for sure though, he’s definitely a smoother driver than his dad,” joked van Straaten.

Soon to follow the route to competitive motorsport will be Michael Otto’s youngest son and Milan’s little brother, Giovanne.

At just three years old, he’s a bit too young to get involved right-away.

“Another 12 months and he’ll be on the circuit too,” assured Michael.

The Zwartkops event will take place this Saturday starting at 07;00 - a symbolic start to yet another set of racers guaranteed to put our town on the map for years to come.

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