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Navigating our potholed roads


Even the most advanced drivers don't stand a chance against our eroded roads.

South Africans have recently welcomed the very needed rainfall across our thirsty country, however this has meant driving on our roads often feels like navigating a minefield.

Potholes are often difficult to avoid, as they can be hard to see, especially at night or heavy traffic simply doesn't allow for swerving out of the way.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre has put together a few pothole safety tips to help you avoid them:

- Remember that properly inflated tyres will hold up better against potholes than tyres that are under inflated.

- Other than simply being good driving practice, leaving enough room between you and the car in front of you can be critical in avoiding potholes.

- If you can't avoid a pothole altogether make sure you slow down before you hit it and never brake directly over a pothole as this can actually cause more damage than speeding over it.

- In the case where you have to drive directly over a pothole make sure to hold the steering wheel firmly to avoid losing control.

- Watch out for innocent looking puddles, these are often potholes in disguise.


- Is your car pulling to the left or right, is your alignment is off?

- Uneven tyre wear?

- Low tyre pressure?

- Bulges, tears or blisters on sidewall of your tyre?

- Indents in the wheel rim?


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