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New look for Mercedes-Benz AMG Driving Academy


IF YOU’VE been following my back page articles over the past few weeks you would know that I highly recommend advanced driver-training courses. I find them to be very informative and they do enhance one’s on-road awareness, and, let’s be honest, judging by the state of most South African drivers, one would need mega doses of driver-training and skills.

Last week I was lucky enough to nab an invite to the local launch of the all-new Mercedes-Benz AMG C63, which was held at the renowned Zwartkops Raceway in Pretoria. After spending the day with the car, under the guidance of the AMG Driving Academy team, I felt it important to share my experience with you. I, along with Sean, am very fortunate because I get to spend many hours on various racetracks in various cars, honing a multitude of driving skills. For the average person out there, this opportunity is only a dream.

I’m sure you’ve read on the front page of this paper, the new AMG C63 is a bit of a wild child; it can get unruly at times and it takes a quick hand and razor sharp reaction time to sort it out. Where would you get the kind of skill to handle a car like the AMG C63? Not from any gaming platforms, that’s for sure. One institution that will help you develop your driving skills is most definitely the AMG Driving Academy. What’s more, they now have a brand-new facility to accommodate Mercedes-Benz AMG customers and anyone else looking to develop their driving style.

The new building features a modern and stylish front reception area as well as a state-of-the-art conference and briefing room. There’s a catering area and a refreshments bar. One of the highlights of the centre is the top viewing deck, which overlooks the racetrack. The corner known as, The Table Top, sits just below the deck, which allows for great viewing.

Back to the team at the academy… don’t think they teach you to become the Stig. No, but what they do teach is how to be a better driver and how to enhance your driving skills on the track as well as on the road. They teach you how to deal with various situations that could land you in a spot of trouble, such as Accident Avoidance as well as Defensive Driving, which focuses on the area around you. These lessons enable you to judge situations, way in advance, so as to prepare you and arm you with the necessary measures, should something unforeseen take place.

So what do you get when you sign up for a driving course? Well, Clint Weston, who’s been involved with Mercedes-Benz and the AMG Driver Training for 14 years, is chief instructor at academy and he shared 10 benefits of the course:

1. Get to experience the latest in safety technology with our AMG training vehicles, both active and passive safety systems.

2. Professional team of instructors to add to your unforgettable experience.

3. Creating awareness and a positive attitude.

4. Recognised as training, skills and social development.

5. Most unique and effective way to entertain and build relations with your clients.

6. Perfect team-building exercise for your staff.

7. Not only will you provide colleagues, friends and family with an exhilarating experience but a comprehensive learning experience that saves lives.

8. Any event that suits your needs is possible.

9. We exceed your expectations.

10. Experience the world’s most powerful four-cylinder series engines.

If you want to better your skills and your confidence on the road then I strongly advise you to consider taking one of these courses. They’re not only fun, they’re educational, as well. I mean, who wouldn’t like to thrash a Mercedes-Benz AMG around a racetrack and, at the same time, become more educated?

Visit the AMG Driving Academy Website and contact them for further details. Remember, Father’s Day is coming up and it would make for a good gift.

Article written by Justin Jacobs
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