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Own a piece of The Italian Job


It's not often that a piece of memorabilia from such an iconic movie comes up for sale. Even less so where the item is available down at the local car dealer. But that is the case here, because this exact Lamborghini Miura is the car from the opening scene of The Italian Job (the original that is).

It isn't, quite obviously, the car that the film makers threw off the cliff. That was a wreck used for the stunt. But of course there was a second vehicle, this one, available for sale from Cheshire Classic Cars in the UK. Yes I know it's not exactly your local car dealer, but it is someone's.

It was driven by factory client manager Enzo Moruzzi to the Gran San Bernardo pass in Italy for three days' filming, returned to the factory and dispatched to the Lamborghini dealer for delivery on 2 July 1968.

A mere five people have owned it from new, racking up only 19,000km over its 48 year lifespan. Its colour combination is one-of-a-kind - finished in "Arancio Miura" with a white leather interior.

The engine isn't the original - although the old block is included in the sale if you want all the matching numbers - and the paint was redone a few years ago, but who cares? This isn't just any Miura, it's the Miura and probably the most famous Lambo ever made.

There is of course the small matter of price. There isn't one listed on the website (it's a POA affair), but taking a look at the other vehicles the chaps from Cheshire Classics are selling - like a 1957 Mercedes 300SL Roadster at a smidge under £1million - it won't come cheap. And given that a Miura owned by Rod Stewart recently fetched £2million, expect to need a cheque for something in that region, if not a little more.

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Article written by Miles Downard
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