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Peugeot Exalt concept to impress at Paris Motor Show


PEUGEOT’S showcasing the Exalt concept in a new livery at the Paris Motor Show. The sleek design shows off the best of the brand new design direction. The vehicle has a wide track and is a five-door hatchback that appears anything but traditional.

Its bare steel bodywork is said to pay homage to French motor cars from the twenties and thirties while the tightly shaped side panels with basalt-fibre sills and 20-inch wheels are more modern touches. The long bonnet grows out of the front end where the twin headlamps, set in the bumper, integrate the brand’s recognisable signature lighting.

The car has been made more aerodynamic with the addition of "Shark Skin", an efficient textile that draws on biomimicry to create a technical grain structure that markedly improves the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle and reduces fuel consumption.

The i-Cockpit features a small wheel trimmed in leather and chine (a natural wool-based mixed fabric) while the digital instrument panel is arranged in front of the driver to improve operation and visibility. On the centre console, two folding touchscreen systems emerge from the dashboard. The upper screen gives access to the on-board computer, the Hi-Fi and navigation systems. The second screen presents a permanently visible control bar to provide access to the automatic air conditioning and the "Pure Blue" system.

The dashboard features nine toggle switches, arranged in two groups: two to the left of the small steering wheel; seven to the right. This layout was adopted because of the human brain’s ability to easily remember up to seven items, with regard to position and function.

The vehicle also showcases a new type of versatility for a sedan. The tailgate features a pantograph mechanism, which allows maximum opening while needing less space externally. The tailgate and integral motorised hobby flap reveals a boot with a low load sill, providing easy access to the Hybrid-kick concept, a foldaway electric scooter stowed below the boot floor.

Leather used in cars is traditionally selected for the absence of markings then tanned to make it flawless. The EXALT concept optimises the skins, drawing on these apparent imperfections to make each a unique signature. Then the leathers are aged naturally, without the use of chemicals.

The vehicle weighs in at 1 700kg and is powered by a plug-in Hybrid4 drive train with a total maximum power of 250kW shared between the four wheels. The 1.6-litre turbo petrol engine produces 199kW while the electric motor takes care of the rest. The engine is mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox.

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