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Puzey motorcycles a sight to behold


SOUTH Africa’s beautiful landscape and rugged terrain make for a splendid setting and a place to spend some quality family time, as we recently discovered. Taking delivery of three off-road motorcycles from Puzey, we decided to shake off the stresses of Joburg city.

Our primary explorer, the Puzey STX 200 Trail is a keen all-rounder. While it does have off-road attributes, its fitted headlights and indicators make it street legal, too.

Equipped with a top speed of 110km/h, it’s not blisteringly quick but the engine has decent grunt and its high riding style means it’s fairly capable on the dirt. Add to this a fuel consumption of 3.0 litres/100km and it starts to be a viable option for a weekly commute and a weekend adventure seeker.

Admittedly, there are a few hiccups with the bike - the build quality being one, but the bike does what it says on the box. It offers affordable transportation with good fuel consumption and the fact that it enjoys a spot of dirt is a bonus.

If you’re looking for a more off-road biased machine, the ruggedness of the Puzey MXR 180 is impressive. The responsive throttle - typical of an off-road bike - allowed us to carve new trails and its lightweight build meant throwing it into position was a breeze.

Fitted with a full endure outfit, including bash-guards, adjustable front and rear linkage suspension and waterproof air box, allows you to push the bike further in more challenging terrain.

Boasting 10.5kW and 13Nm of torque the MXR has a 115km/h rated top speed. Ultimately, this bike is a good stepping stone from smaller bikes to an intermediate machine.

For the bambino in the family, Puzey let us try out the Madix 125, a small four-speed semi-automatic quad bike.

Powered by a 125cc four-stroke engine, the small power output of 6.3kW and 8.8Nm makes it fun to learn on, and understand the basics of motorcycle controls without the fear of toppling over.

The push throttle and easy-to-operate four-speed gear shifter makes setting off, hassle-free. The Madix has a top-speed of 45km/h and can be ridden by anyone, weighing 75kg and under.

Ultimately, this line-up of motorcycles caters for various skill levels, but they aren’t rampant on speed and will suit a family looking for recreational machines for that odd Sunday ride in the bush. That said, these bikes don’t like to be pushed to the limit and any intense bundu-bashing will definitely leave them hurting.

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