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Reasons why you should go on a road trip


MANY of us are pretty sick of travelling by the time the weekend, or a hard-earned holiday, comes about. I, for one, enjoy driving but traffic spoils it, so when I drive somewhere for a holiday, I normally take the shortest route with minimal breaks, you know, to get there as fast as possible. So when I was invited to do a bit of a road trip with the guys from Chevrolet, I thought it was about time that I reacquainted myself with the more touristy way of driving.

Road trips allow you to experience your vehicle

We had a Trailblazer to use for the weekend; it has most of the ingredients that make a good, long distance traveller: reclining rear seats for passengers, a large loading bay for luggage, cruise control, an infotainment system, a diesel motor and in our case, an automatic gearbox.

The trip took up quite a bit of driving, around 1 000km over three days through the KwaZulu-Natal region up into the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape. It allowed us to use both the two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive modes, while also making use of every cup holder, 12V/USB charger and creature comfort that an SUV has to offer.

You’ll see so much more

I have been through the KwaZulu-Natal region many times before yet on the trip that we embarked on I felt as though we experienced so much more, mostly because it wasn’t a boring highway. We had lunch at a venue called The Old Orchard Guesthouse in Kokstad, a place that I had no idea existed, before going through to the wood cabins of the Mbotyi River Lodge, which was our base for the weekend.

The following day we took a very leisurely drive, stopping at waterfalls just to admire their beauty, before driving to an area in Port St Johns called Poenskop, which provided the most magnificent view imaginable. We then went for lunch, before a slow cruise down the lagoon in a river boat, where a guide told us all about the history of the sleepy town of Port St Johns.

On our final day, we drove through to Port Edward to have lunch at a place called Mac Banana, another place that I had no idea existed. It has a restaurant, putt-putt golf, quad biking, a butterfly farm, a supermarket, paintball and as its name suggests, they make a mean banana pancake and milkshake.

In-car antics

This is what road-tripping is all about; whether it be over Bluetooth audio/Radio/USB or singing aloud to your favourite jam, is one of the best ways to get into the road-trip mood. It is also the only time where singing is socially acceptable with several people in the car. Then, there are the jokes, the banter and general exciting buzzes around the cabin when you’re on your way to a new, exciting place.

Each trip teaches you more about road-tripping

Being able to go with Chevrolet, allowed us to learn what is required to plan a good road trip.

 1. We know that food is essential, so for our next road trip we will make use of an app such as Zomato to find restaurants in the area.

2. A GPS on your phone or in your car will always help, so make use of these while a good old-fashioned paper map doesn’t require signal so this could also be useful.

3. Remember to check your car’s spare tyre, unless you have run flats, in which case research the tyre fitment centres in the area to see if they have a replacement tyre for you in case of an emergency.

4. We had shiny new Trailblazers but when I take my own car, I’ll be sure to check all the fluid levels as well as the amount of life left on my brake pads.

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Article written by Sean Nurse
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