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Remember to fill up ahead of Fuel hikes


SOUTH African consumers have had to tighten their belts once again as the Department of Energy increased the price for all grades of petroleum for the month of July.

The weak Rand against the Dollar and rise in the price of crude oil is what had an effect on the hefty increase, which will now see consumers fork out more at the pumps.

Petrol (93 ULP and LRP) increased by 29 cents/litre, while the higher octane 95 ULP and LRP increased by 31.0 cents/litre.

It seems not even diesel could escape the increase, as all grades rose by 14cents/litre. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) also saw a 58.0 cents/kilogram increase.

Motorists are encouraged to take preventive measures to help save fuel during these tough times.

Some fuel tips include ensuring your car is properly serviced, driving at cruising speeds by avoiding stop/starting. It’s also a good idea to form lift clubs and where possible, use public transport.

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