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SAC boosts Giulietta


AS WE know, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1750TBi hasn’t really blown anyone’s hair back with its performance since its introduction a few years back. On paper it looked good with 173kW/340Nm on tap, however, it has never felt as quick as it should.

The guys at Steve’s Auto Clinic appear to have addressed this issue after tuning the vehicle at the SAC R&D Centre using their latest SAC ECU software upgrade option. This means they’ve managed to increase power and torque by 17 percent while still using regular fuel.

Most modern engines today are not delivering their full potential of power and torque. So what they do at SAC with their SAC ECU software upgrade is electronically allow some of this torque to be freed up and make your vehicle’s engine deliver closer to its true performance potential.

To improve the sound the Alfa makes, a custom SAC downpipe was fitted to the car and the catalytic converters removed. The car then went back to Gerotek for road testing and the results are seen below with improvements everywhere.

It will cost you R6 950 for the SAC ECU software upgrade and R1 950 for the downpipe and catalytic converter removal.

Road Test Results:

  Giulietta 1750TBi  SAC Giulietta 1750TBi
0-100 km/h: 7.63 secs  6.62 secs
0-180 km/h:  24.02 secs   19.22 secs
¼ Mile Time:   15.47 secs 14.70 secs
¼ Mile Speed:  149.28 km/h  159.91 km/h
1km Time:   27.92 secs  26.46 secs
1km Speed:  189.98 km/h  202.92 km/h
Top Speed:  237.01 km/h 248.17 km/h
60-100 km/h 3rd: 4.05 secs   3.28 secs   
60-100 km/h 4th:  5.61 secs  4.41 secs
80-120 km/h 4th:  5.67 secs 4.31 secs 
80-120 km/h 5th: 7.63 secs     5.44 secs

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