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Seven motoring apps that are a must for petrolheads


  1. Waze - This community-based GPS application relies on your participation in order to work. Should you find yourself in traffic, report it on the application and it will route other Wazers around the problem. It also operates for road works, potholes, speed traps and police. For every journey you embark on and every report you make, you earn points, which helps you climb up the Waze ladder. Also expect a raft of funny voice-guidance options like Elvis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and several car, mood and map-colour options to help personalise your Waze.

Available on Android and iOS: Price-Free.


  1. Track Addict - This is a favourite of ours; it has every major South African racing circuit mapped out and allows you, via your phone’s GPS and built-in accelerometer to record your lap times and even video record all your sessions from your mobile phone, should you have a mounting bracket. The app is free but if you want live telemetry you’ll have to complete an in-app purchase.

Available on Android and iOS: Price-Free.


  1. CSR Racing - We love racing games but we do travel a lot, so we decided to find a mobile solution. We enjoyed the graphics and physics of CSR Racing and there are also almost 100 cars to choose from. Just be sure to download it off of Wi-Fi as the application is quite large and could deplete your expensive cellular data.

Available on Android and iOS: Price-Free.


  1. Fuelio - Fuel log and costs - This app allows you to track your fuel consumption. Simply type in the amount of money/litres that you put in your car, zero your odometer and fill in the mileage when you need to fill up again. The app will then calculate your consumption and cost. It also allows you to track multiple cars with different profile options. It can even chart where you’ve been filling up most with the use of Google Maps.  It’s only available on Android so for iOS options, look out for an app called “Gas Cubby.”

Available on Android: Price-Free.


  1. Torque - This app is very much for the performance enthusiast but we have seen how this can be beneficial to almost anyone with a car that has a tendency to throw fault codes on the dashboard. The app uses Bluetooth to speak to the vehicles ECU; you will need and an OBD II port plug, which goes into your car’s ECU port to read real-time information. For instance, a dashboard warning light might suggest that you should check the engine. By scanning with this app you can get the exact fault code and reference it with what that code is associated with to determine how serious the fault is.

Available on Android and iOS: Price-Free (with in-app purchases).


  1. Instagram - This is really an application for anyone. However, the car enthusiast out there has the ability to share pictures of their rides as well as any that they might have spotted. There are thousands of dedicated car accounts with short videos and pictures of some of the best cars on the planet.

Available on Android and iOS: Price-Free.


  1. Official F1 App - This is the official app for Formula 1 fans, with results, driver details, standings and the latest news along with videos. There’s a paid section in the app, which provides live timing, sector times and gaps, a 3D map, which includes DRS usage, team radio transmission, commentary and the ability to personalise the app.

Available one Android and iOS: Price-Free.

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