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Six winter-driving tips


DRIVING in the freezing cold, conditions can be unpleasant and in some instances quite dangerous. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you get through the cold safely.

1. Avoid cruise control on icy mornings- We all like a bit of cruise control, it makes driving so effortless but in slippery conditions the constant application of the throttle can lead to a loss in traction and the increased potential of an incident.

2. Don’t warm up your car in an enclosed space- Warming your car up in the garage sound a great because you’re escaping the elements but remember the stuff coming out of your exhaust is carbon monoxide. Exposure to this in an enclosed area could lead to a loss of consciousness and eventually death.

3. Ensure that your tyres are inflated correctly- The manufactures stipulate the correct pressures to run depending on the load the vehicle is carrying. In situations such as the dead of winter where traction is at a premium the optimal tyre pressure will ensure the best possible traction.

4. Keep some warm water over from your kettle-This will help you remove the ice that might have built up on your car windows overnight.  Remember that it must be warm and not boiling.

5. Start your car 5 minutes before you leave- Not only will this allow the cars components to warm up but it will also allow you to turn on the heater, ensuring a toasty cabin when you depart.

6. Be extra vigilant- In winter we’re too focussed on getting warm and tend to pay less attention to our surroundings. Remember that criminals also operate in winter, so when reversing out of your home or office, to take extra care of potential threats.

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