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Smash and grab don’t be a victim


THE harrowing sound of shattering glass as someone smashes your car’s window and grabs your beloved possessions, is enough to frighten anyone and can leave you scarred for life.

Smash-and-grabs have been on the rise in recent years as criminals target commuters stuck in traffic who are powerless to defend themselves. Worse still, the hooligan gets away easily, with very little chance of being caught. Often people say, prevention is the best approach and that’s where smash-and-grab tinting comes in.

Many companies offer this security modification to vehicles whereby film is attached to the side windows. The protective film ensures that no one can see inside the car and also strengthens the glass and prevents it from shattering. This makes it difficult for perpetrators to gain access to the inside of the vehicle in a smash and grab/hijack situation.

The film doesn’t mean it‘s impossible for a criminal to break in, but instead, buys you valuable time to make a safe getaway. As a bonus, the film also protects your skin, eyes and upholstery from the effects of the sun, while keeping the cabin of your vehicle cooler on hot days. It also prevents shards of glass cutting passengers in smash and grab incidents and other, unsavoury situations. If you are yet to have this installed we suggest that you leave your windows a few centimetres open to allow the glass more flexibility which reduces the risk of it breaking.

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