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Software allows for manufacturer parts pricing changes


MAPO - Manufacturer Auto Parts Organiser - is enabling an increasing number of car companies to make informed parts pricing decisions, with the end result being a more competitive aftermarket environment for the consumer.

This Pretoria-based IT company specialises in the automotive field; it achieves this by analysing and researching recommended retail price data across a number of brands which subscribe to the service. This includes analysing the pricing of over 500 individual components and looking at the trends for the same item across the marketplace.

Importers and distributors willingly supply this information, meaning, it is available in the public domain. Mapo claims that by using its research results, manufacturers have a quick and accurate way to identify strengths and weaknesses in their own pricing.

Feedback from a local manufacturer has been positive. A long-standing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) client commented that it provides real value when it comes to assessing competitiveness adding that it has the potential to be a game-changer in the hands of the motoring public.

In addition, Mapo can provide a total cost of ownership figure, taking into account, tyre, fuel, insurance and other factors. It also calculates running costs when a vehicle is in or out of a service or maintenance plan, with the time and distance parameters fully customisable to present all possible scenarios. For example, the running cost for a car with a 45 000km service plan may look impressive, measured up until that point, but a calculation over 90 000km can tell a very different story.

The software also calculates the cost per kilometre down to three decimal points. While this may seem excessive for companies running large fleets, measurable differences on even a fraction of a cent per kilometre can add up to hundreds of thousands per month. Mapo enables OEMs to interrogate past, present and forecasted parts-pricing data – even before they launch a new car – to see how they stack up and what’s needed to be competitive in the car-hire and fleet environment.

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