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Some things to consider when selling your car


Here are a list of things you should consider when it comes time to sell.

  • When your wife/girlfriend hints that she would like a new car (or quality previously owned car), listen immediately. This will save you much anguish down the line. She won't resist the urge to say 'I have been telling you for a while now' after another expensive service to replace parts you thought were working well.

  • Check what the trade-in value is. Then have some comfort food or a strong drink (if you do imbibe) on hand as the amount will usually be significantly lower than what you are expecting. This is just how it is in the motoring world. Of course, there are occasions where deals can be struck.

  • Selling your vehicle privately is a viable option. Go in above what you really want, as the haggling begins the moment your ad goes out. It can be fun. Enjoy the process. If you have a popular brand name, expect a lot of calls. And some ridiculous offers.

  • Don't be hasty to sell to the first person who can give you your price. There may be better offers. You would be surprised.

  • Meet the potential buyer in a safe, public place and not your home. Taking some muscle along is not a bad idea. There are a number of 'loons' out there and you just cannot take the chance. This is South Africa after all.

  • Sell it 'voetstoots' but tell them everything about your vehicle. The first question you will most likely be asked is 'has it been in an accident?' Don't lie or try to cover up anything. That will come back to bite you.

  • Have an up-to-date record of your service history. This will show the potential buyer you are reliable, care about your car, and probably can be trusted.

  • The test-drive is an interesting one, as you are now putting your life in the hands of a complete stranger (unless of course you are selling to someone you know). Don't be embarrassed to ask him or her to slow down if they flatten the accelerator with too much enthusiasm. If this happens, try these lines: 'I know the cops trap on this stretch' or 'There are moon-crater size potholes around the bend'. Your car. Your life.

  • Give the buyer time to absorb or take in what he or she is doing and about to buy. You want him or her to be happy.

  • Agree on a price in writing. Make sure the funds are in your account and cleared before you hand over the car.

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