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The Great Escape to Alkmaar with Mahindra


In Africa, we have the Dakar - in India, they have the Great Escape and judging by the video shown at a similar named local event held at Alkmaar Farmstay, it is not for sissy’s either. The intention of the local events is to introduce current- and potentially new owners, to a real-life experience of what Mahindra vehicles are capable of when the tough gets going.

And they certainly did prove the brand’s capacity. Current owners completed the obstacles with renewed respect for their beloved Mahindra’s and non-owners will probably be reaching for their checkbooks sooner rather than later.

In 1945 Mahindra started its life as a steel trading company. Today the company has 180 000 employees and has extended its business interests into aerospace, telecommunications, IT, financial, automotive, motorcycles, tractors, planes and boating environments.

In India, Mahindra vehicles has laid claim to 37 per cent of the local automotive market. This is no mickey-mouse operation and the vehicles used at this event - which, incidentally is touring the country, proved that when you understand the technology that it is fitted to these vehicle, you can be the master of most obstacles.

Marius van Vuuren and his team of advance drivers were the dedicated instructors on the day.

And let me tell you, Marius is extremely competent in using “sign” and body language to explain how the various components work when confronted with cross-axle, downhill challenges and the rest. Suffice to say, that all participants got through the obstacle course - with at most, a second run. And, there were not many of the latter.

And as the confidence grew, the braver they become - but then, why not? The vehicles proved that, although it may be significantly cheaper than most of the competition, it will not bow to any challenge.

The event also once again proved that if the owner/driver understands the technology - does not back off when they should not and bury that ego, most obstacles can be conquered safely.

Of course - yours truly, has always been a #nronemahindrafan. The brand offers tough durable products with a reasonable price tag and there is no reason - not anymore - to doubt its credentials or the company’s inherit value systems.

And no event at Alkmaar is ever complete without Wanda Sippel’s famous no-mess-no-fuss delicious lunch. The long and the short is this - events like these offers a lot to all participants - knowledge, skills training and practical experience. To attend or not - it’s a no-brainer.

Go drive a Mahindra - it will surprise you!

Article written by Matthys Ferreira
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