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The M1 to become a no-go zone: What you can do to avoid it


THE Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has announced that the one of the City’s major highways will be receiving much needed upgrades. The first noticeable upgrades will be made to the double-decker bridge, an R82 million update that see the area gain new surfacing, signage, various repairs and improved drainage.

These are not the only upgrades though as this initial project forms part of a larger R365 million initiative to improve this freeway. Expect improvements to be made to the Federation and Oxford Bridges as well as the re-construction of the 2km of dual carriageway between Rockridge Road and Federation Road.

In addition‚ the entire 3km of existing storm water drainage system will be replaced between Rockridge Bridge and Federation Road Bridge on the freeway‚ as well as on Oxford and Federation Roads below the freeway. In light of the recent flooding in the greater Johannesburg area it is good to see that improve drainage will be implemented in this area.

The only foreseeable problem with this construction is the traffic that it will cause. We have come up with a few suggestions that might help you should you use the M1 at some point in the near future.

  • Download an app- There are many GPS systems available for free on your smartphone, an application like Waze gives live traffic information and will route you around the potential M1 disaster zone and allow you to get to work on time.

  • Leave earlier- We know, it sounds terrible but leaving for work before traffic is at its worst will ensure that the construction has less of an effect on your productivity and stress level.

  • Use public transport- It is something that is heavily under developed in South Africa however in the Johannesburg area things like the Gautrain and the JRA bus routes are used by thousands on a daily basis.

  •  Carpooling- If everyone at your office managed to have some sort of carpooling system in place we could reduce the number of cars on the road.

  • Go car-less- If you live close to work then it is advisable to use a bicycle or even a scooter/motorbike to get to work. It is cheaper, less time consuming but more dangerous.

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