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The new seductive Citroën DS 5


I DON’T know whether you’ve heard the new Citroën radio advert? I have and it’s really good. I don’t know what the lady is going on about, all I know is, she starts the advert off in French and after a few seductive lines she says: “Pardon” and repeats what she said in English. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the French accent and language is extremely sexy and alluring, regardless of what’s said. In keeping with that alluring and seductive charm, Citroën has introduced its new DS5 and we have the details here.

Citroën is even surprising itself with the success of the DS line.The DS line is Citroën’s more premium range of cars. They ooze style and look as if they belong somewhere in a fashion magazine.

It is a vehicle of avant-garde styling, allying dynamic behaviour, refinement and attention to detail with a selection of advanced technologies. It embodies all the attributes of present and future DS vehicles. The DS flagship model introduces the brand identity and gains the new front face along with other qualities that make it a true DS.

Alongside new features such as the sculpted, vertical grille with the DS logo in the centre, the Xenon Full LED headlamps, touch-drive interface and high-performance engines, the New DS 5 maintains all the qualities behind its renowned body lines, defying conventional definition, an exceptional exterior and interior design with refinement visible in every detail, and a cockpit driving position.

From Europe to China, the DS 5 has made its mark. The New DS 5 is setting its sights even higher with a new front face, styling that remains avant-garde, refinement, attention to detail, driving behaviour worthy of a DS and advanced technology in both design and function. A magnetic car! Unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, this new model is set to arrive in showrooms across Europe in June 2015. We’re not yet sure when it will arrive in good old South Africa.

"The New DS 5 is more than just a new car; it’s the car introducing our brand identity. Sixty years on from the original DS, the new DS 5 carries all the genes of DS. Above all, it is a clear statement of our ambition: to revive the tradition of French premium vehicles," explained Yves Bonnefont, CEO of DS.

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