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UK expert gives road rage tips


Road rage is common in South Africa and anywhere in the world where there are relatively high volumes of traffic. The problem with road rage is that when things go sour, someone is usually injured or killed. Our best advice is to relax when you feel that anger building up as you seethe in traffic. However, sometimes it is hard to avoid that person, so here are some tips from an expert should you find yourself in a road rage scenario.

Richard Gladman is a driving and riding standards expert from IAM RoadSmart in the UK. He gave the following road rage advice:

  • If someone is being confrontational or aggressive, don’t make eye contact and don’t react visibly.
  • Let the other driver go on ahead. You might feel wronged, but letting the other party go will make no difference to the rest of your day.
  • Name and shame! If you or better, your passengers, can film any behaviour on your mobile phone it will help in terms of evidence, including the registration number of the other vehicle involved.
  • If the conflict is more serious and other processes aren’t working; call the police, especially if you feel there is a threat or possibility of violence against you.
  • Sorry helps. If you were at fault, admit it and apologise. If you feel upset or emotional pull over and get some fresh air or walk around if you need to before resuming your journey.
  • Again find some distraction, like listening to the radio - move your mind deliberately onto something else – deliberately driving well would be a good example – but don’t dwell on the incident.

Richard said: “Road rage does not affect everyone every day. If you’re finding it is happening very often, you might want to think about how you engage with other road users.”

He concluded: “No-one need experience road rage, but it us up to each of us to ensure it stays that way.”

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