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Vehicle crime runs rampant in Gauteng


THE official crime statistics for 2014 have been released and while crime overall is down, the picture painted for our roads is not great, especially in Gauteng.

Let’s have a look at the statistics. In the category, “Theft of a motor vehicle,” Gauteng was almost higher than all the other provinces combined, with reported figures of 27 470 compared with 29 400 for the other eight provinces combined. This means that one is more likely to have their vehicle stolen in Gauteng.

In terms of, “Theft out of or from motor vehicles,” Gauteng is similar to the Western Cape at 42 722 reported incidents compared with Western Cape’s figure of 42 638 - again Gauteng has the highest figure.

Carjacking or hijacking of a vehicle is another category. Gauteng was again the highest in this category with 6 064 incidents compared with the next highest figure from KwaZulu-Natal with 2 274 incidents.

There was also a true hijacking, which is one of the scariest things one can go through as this means you’re often taken along in the vehicle with the criminal(s). Again… Gauteng was above the other provinces with 547 incidents versus the next highest figure from Mpumalanga with 197 reported cases.

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