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Vehicle pricing: how does SA stack up?


Last week the highly anticipated Ford Mustang was launched to the local media however the car received more attention for the pricing than anything else. Social media posts regarding the car were more to do with why the car is so expensive locally versus in other countries. Many also remarked that for the money Ford was asking that they could get something else. That got us thinking, what do certain local favourites cost overseas versus here?

We know that direct conversions are unrealistic because of various import duties and currency issues however it still makes for interesting reading. We have composed a list of several cars comparing their respective prices in selected countries, one being the large USA market and two right-hand drive markets, the United Kingdom and Australia. Also note that the each country may have a different specification level for each vehicle, making this even more unrealistic to compare, but we’re going to do it anyway.

Ford Mustang 2.3T fastback manual

Country Price Price in ZAR
South Africa   R699 900
USA $23 895 R342 913
Australia $44 990 R473 384
U.K. £29 995 R650 021

Volkswagen Golf GTI manual

Country Price Price in ZAR
South Africa   R424 300
USA $25 595 R366 960
Australia $45 360 R477 047
U.K. £27 500 R595 754

BMW M4 coupe manual

Country Price Price in ZAR
South Africa   R1 068 118
USA $64 200 R920 666
Australia $149 900 R1 576 123
U.K. £57 055 R 1 236 042

As we can see, the figures are interesting, when compared to two other performance cars the Mustang does appear to be quite expensive versus other markets in the world. We still feel as though the demand will be through the roof for the pony-car.

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