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Volvo XC90 to feature groundbreaking safety features


VOLVO has announced a replacement for its much-loved XC90 SUV.

Details on the new model are sketchy at best, but this week it revealed a few details on some of the safety systems that will be available on the car.

The Swedish manufacturer is taking safety technology to the next level with a host of advanced user-friendly systems. It also takes Volvo one step closer to its 2020 goal of designing the world’s first crash-proof vehicle.

The first of these features is pedestrian detection in darkness, which does exactly what it says on the box. It applies the brakes for pedestrians and other vehicles when the driver is not paying attention, but now it does it in the dark as well.

The XC90 is able to detect the edge of the road and will apply steer assist if needed. It’s the first system in the world that is able to monitor where the physical road ends. The adaptive cruise control with steer assist helps the driver stay in a lane and follow the rhythm of traffic. The system automatically follows the vehicle ahead.

All of the above is mighty impressive, but Volvo has also made mention of a number of systems it’s currently working on.

Animal detection, which detects if an animal runs out in front of the car and applies the brakes if necessary, is another world first.

Volvo is also working on a system that allows cars to communicate with one another and the environment around them. Just think of the possibilities if cars could communicate about any hazards on the road ahead.

Our favourite system - and one we’re sure many people will enjoy - is the autonomous parking. This allows the car to find a vacant spot and park itself. The driver climbs out at the mall entrance and leaves the car to go find an open spot.

The all-new XC90 will be launched internationally in 2014.

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