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Volvo pledges support for #CarseatFullstop in SA


The importance of car seats for small children cannot be stressed enough. These safety devices could mean the difference between life and death in an accident situation when the incident involves children. Here at Autodealer we are all for car seats, we have even participated in several charity events to raise money for this cause and it appears that we aren't the only ones.

Volvo South Africa is now involved In an effort to raise child safety awareness in South Africa. Volvo Car South Africa has partnered with the #CarseatFullstop campaign which seeks to enlighten and inspire parents, and ultimately help them to take better care in protecting their children in cars.

“Our partnership with the #CarseatFullstop campaign forms part of our fundamental need to care for people,” says Michelle Naudé, Marketing and Communications Director at Volvo Car South Africa. “We recognise that South Africans need to be educated and equipped to protect their families as best they can. Without being properly restrained in certified, appropriate child seats, children are at risk whenever they are in a car.”

The campaign’s founder, Mandy Lee Miller, elaborates: “Car passenger deaths are the fourth-leading cause of unnatural deaths in children in our country. Car seats reduce the risk of death in cars by 71 per cent for babies and 54 per cent for toddlers. Currently only 15 per cent of South African children in cars are restrained… These numbers are devastating to me!

“Volvo is known for making some of the safest cars in the world, and are the perfect partner for this campaign because their ethos is the same as ours.”

The core campaign goal is to spread awareness of, and draw attention to, the critical importance of appropriate child restraints. The call to action to the community at large is to share anything and everything created around the campaign to reach those people in their networks who don’t know any better. With 85 percent of children not strapped in, there is certainly someone they know who does not properly restrain their children.

The campaign has also been designed to make an impact on those who do know about child safety in cars, but who may be making poor decisions in the way they install child seats or restrain their children.

Most parents don’t know that children should be rearward-facing until at least age four. They don’t know that, according to Volvo Cars, a child needs to be in a booster seat until they are at least 10. Or that seat belts are designed for people over 1.4 metres tall, and that for those shorter than 1.4 metres, the seat belt becomes an additional danger unless supported appropriately with a booster seat.

At 40 km/h, the blow to an unrestrained child’s head making contact with any part of the car is the same as dropping them from 6 meters onto concrete – a third storey balcony. Similarly, a child’s weight is multiplied exponentially during an impact, depending on the speed. A 15 kg toddler could weigh as much as a grand piano during an impact at just 30 km/h – a seemingly unfathomable concept.


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