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We’re all shook up


IT WAS felt all the way from Durban to Botswana; yesterday’s earthquake that had most of South Africa talking.

Here, at Autodealer’s headquarters, it felt as though a rather large person was thumping around on our roof until our desks started shaking. Our editor had the right idea by standing under a door frame, while the rest of the office seemed to take to social media in the aftermath.

We’ve heard of one fatality at the origin of the quake in Orkney (which is about 177 kilometres from Johannesburg), along with several injuries reported from the region. We’ve also read reports of damaged roads in Kroonstad as a result of the seismic activity, which is believed to have measured either 5.3 or 5.5 on the Richter scale.

We encourage you to share your tremor ordeal with us. Did it affect the roads near you in any way? How did you and your colleagues react to the occurrence? Did you take shelter, or take to social media like most of us? Email us:

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