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Biking personality Trevor Mountford is still going strong


His passion for the sport remains undiminished.

TREVOR Mountford (62) of Margate is one of the personalities of the off-road biking scene in South Africa, never mind just the South Coast. With his difficult-to-brush silver hair, eyes the colour of a Manchester City football jersey (light blue), and wicked sense of humour, it's easy to see why.

He has a number of nicknames: Einstein, Wild Goat and Hooligan. That about sums it up - part genius, part adventurer and part clown. Trevor was involved in the recent Matat2Pont off-road ride from Matatiele to The Pont in Port Edward, a distance of about 700km, where he helped mark the course.

Watch the video of Matat2Pont:

He thoroughly enjoyed it. “Dean Riley flew me up in a chopper and Alfie Cox gave me a bike to use for the ride, a KTM 990, same as my own,” he said. Day 1's ride was very rocky, while on Day 2 there were sled paths, and, despite quite a few river crossings, was a lot easier.

“Some places were deep and you just had to take your line and trust it,” said Trevor. “Of course if you fell off you had a problem,” he chuckled.

He felt Day 3 - the last day - was the easiest, but it may have been due to his personal preference for the type of terrain: dirt roads - sharp, short, windy and slippery.

“These rides can take a toll on the body and one has to be fit. Some of the guys were bleating, it must be said,” he recalled. Trevor loves riding. It's in his blood. His wife and two adult children also ride. In fact, he can't not ride, and that enthusiasm shines through.

“We're aiming to make the Matat2Pont a yearly event as already the guys are asking about next year,” he said. “We might look at a totally different route, with a lot of thick sand, and some rocky and dusty terrain.”

There was good support for the recent ride, with 112 taking part plus about 25 on dual purpose bikes. Trevor's been riding for more than 30 years. He started off with cars, but soon made the move to two wheels. He met the princes, William and Harry, when they were on the South Coast in October 2008.

He's the owner of FlowSpeed and keeps busy with his adventure bike tours. While he enjoys the competition, he rides mainly to keep fit. “You wouldn't think so but you need to be seriously fit to ride. There's a lot of standing and that kind of thing. Spending hours in the gym won't help you much. You need to be bike-fit, as there is a lot of twisting of your body and keeping your balance,” he explained.

He has phenomenal balance, and this has served him well in his chosen sports. Trevor used to race cars, bikes and jet-skis. “Sure, you can fall hard,” he said of the latter. 

He touched on the mental aspects of the sport. “The mind is a big thing. You have to be able to concentrate. If you lose concentration for a split second it can cost you. You also need to have an ability to read the terrain,” he said.

Off-road is fast and flat. Enduro is more technical. Extreme enduro is just that. More extreme. “I'm getting a bit old for the extreme enduro though,” he laughed.

But he still loves the adventure. He encouraged people to get involved, to get on a bike, and enjoy the sport. 

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Article written by David Rush
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