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AMG celebrates 50 years of thrills


This year, 2017 has been a very eventful year, one such event that seemed to be particularly common was that of 50th birthdays. Three big names within South Africa all celebrated their milestones this year and all three are very much loved by the South African public.

We saw our favourite steak house Spur celebrate its 50th, Wimpy also celebrated theirs. However, while they gave us some cheap treats one manufacturer gave us a special edition sports car. You see, this year AMG also turned 50 years old and I drove their latest created. The Mercedes-AMG GTC 50th Edition.

Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach or AMG as we know it is the high performance tuning division of Mercedes-Benz. They have been giving us some of the best muscle cars on the planet and this year they celebrated their 50th anniversary with the introduction of the AMG GTC 50th edition. So how is it different over the standard AMG GTS? Well I drove the car in Germany to find out.

From the outside it looks similar to the GTS. A long bonnet and a compact passenger compartment just about on the back wheels give it a menacing look. The front end now features the brands new grille design. I’m still trying to figure out if I like it or not. Regardless of my opinion, the car in its entirety looks superb, especially in its matte grey paint which is unique on the Edition 50 model.

Inside its near identical to the rest of the GTS range however some colour combinations and finishes have been selected for this car alone. There is also a little badge on the steering wheel that indicates it number out of 500 because when Mercedes-AMG said that they are only going to produce a limited number of cars like this, they really meant it. Only 500 will be produced reaffirming the Edition 50’s exclusivity and desirability.

Sitting inside an AMG GT does take some getting used to. The car is very wide and extremely low. You sit down, into the interior with the dashboard and centre console surrounding you. Fine leather trimming and quality plastics can be found throughout. A large infotainment screen sits, recessed in the top of the dashboard just above the circular air vents. Out in front of you is that long, wide bonnet and under that lurks a monster.

The GTC is powered by the brands versatile 4.0-litre bi-turbocharged eight cylinder motor. However this motor now develops 410kW about 30kW more than the GTS. However it’s the cars relentless torque of nearly 700Nm that takes your breath away. The car surges forward at every opportunity with the utmost eagerness. It is however the sound that inspires the most. It sounds angry, like a wild beast. Put your foot flat and the car lunges forward, you can actually feel how the sophisticated electronics trying to keep it in a straight line. Don’t think that it’s a handful around corners, it’s not. You see the AMG GTC now gets active rear steering. It also features some suspension bits from the track focused AMG GTR. The car is composed and sure footed when you need it to be but don’t disrespect the violent potential that lurks beneath.

Overall the AMG GTC is a fantastic thing. It looks good, sounds even better and offers a ride that can be subtle, GT tourer even or white knuckle terrifying at the push of a button. It’s practical with a large boot and despite its two door set up it is spacious inside. Want one? Well sorry, South Africa is only getting a limited number and they are all accounted for. To be dead honest though I’d choose the AMG GTS. It’s roughly the same thing and not once when I drove the GTS did I think it needed 30kW more power. At the end of it all, AMG might call this specific car their 50th Anniversary edition but in actual fact every AMG is a terrifyingly special occasion.  

Article written by Justin Jacobs
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