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Audi’s city slicker Q2


For most people, cars aren’t really about the driving experience, they are more about making a fashion statement, facilitating your active lifestyle, keeping you fully connected and most importantly, letting others know that you have made a success of your life. The new Audi Q2 offers all of that and a lot more.

What is it?

I’m not quite sure really, but Audi says it fits into the range between the A3 and Q3, so it offers compact proportions with a sort of SUV appeal thanks to a raised ride height. It looks sporty like the A3 and funkier than the Q3, which should make it very appealing to fashion conscious younger buyers.

The looks

I’ll be honest, it is becoming very difficult to differentiate many of Audi’s latest models these days. The Q2 however is different. It features a bold, new octagonal grille, a new light design as well as bold character lines down the side.

Another radical design element for a rather conservative brand like Audi, is that the large C-pillar can be optionally finished in silver or dark grey which adds to the design appeal of the car. At the rear, it also doesn’t look like any other current Audi. Instead, it looks a bit like a VW Polo if I’m honest, however that doesn’t detract from its overall design. It looks good and is certainly different.

It’s about proportions

At 4 190 mm in length, it’s closer in size to the A3 Sportback with which it shares its MQB platform. The newcomer is actually slightly wider than the A3, while also riding higher as you’d expect – with 35 mm of added ground clearance.

What’s it like inside?

As this is an Audi, one thing you can always count on is that the interior is going to be filled with quality materials all assembled with precision. For the most part this remains true with the Q2, however I did notice some cheap plastics on the lower parts of the doors. Everything in front of you though is top quality.

The design of the interior is very similar to that of the A3 but with some slight differences. For one, I found the dashboard slightly more angled towards the driver and Audi do offer more personalisation options, such as an array of various inlays, stitching and a 10-colour LED mood lighting system. As for space well, it’s a bit snug at the rear, however, boot space is around 405-litres with the seats up and an impressive 1 050-litres with them down.

Techno savvy

Inside is all about the Virtual Cockpit, Audi’s impressive 12.3-inch digital instrument display. It not only displays trip and infotainment information, but the navigation as well. If this is still not enough for you then, fear not because Audi has also fitted a retractable dashboard mounted screen so the passenger can also enjoy the technology.

This screen is controlled by Audi’s easy-to-use MMI control pad found on the centre console. Before you get excited however, note that these toys do come at a price so take that in to consideration.

Engines on offer

At the launch, I only got to sample the tried and tested 110kW/250Nm 1.4 TFSI motor which can be found in many other Audi models. It now features cylinder-deactivation technology which will help improve fuel economy. Buyers have a choice of either a smooth six-speed manual or Audi’s impressive seven-speed S-tronic transmission.

A 1.0 litre three-cylinder TFSI with 85kW and 200Nm will become available in May this year, along with a 2.0 TDI that’s good for 105kW and 350Nm. The latter is fitted as standard with the S-tronic which is optional on the petrol.


After driving on dirt and tar roads, both highway and twisty back roads, I can report that the Q2 is fun to drive and able to get you to that spot in the country side that a hatchback might struggle.

It has an array of safety features as well as customisable options. The looks might not be to everyone’s tastes and if you want the larger wheels, expect the ride quality to be slightly compromised. It is however easy to drive and easy to live with. The price is on the premium side though and some might find it a bit high when compared to its competitors. That said, the Q2 offers good quality and will definitely appeal to those who value a premium badge.


1.0T FSI - R434 500

1.0T FSI S-tronic - R453 000

1.0T FSI Sport - R464 500

1.0T FSI Sport S-tronic  - R483 000

1.4T FSI Sport  - R511 000

1.4T FSI Sport S-tronic - R529 500

2.0 TDI Sport S-tronic - R565 000

Article written by Justin Jacobs
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