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Road safety - A collective decay of responsibility


MORE and more and still more of the same - safety campaigns and the rest! Does it reduce the road deaths during the holidays? It does not.

One thousand seven hundred and fifty-five (1 755) deaths and counting and this is not the final figure and, more importantly - can we trust these numbers? We can't. People will continue to drink and drive - not wear seatbelts, speed and talk on their cell phones no matter what.

The moral fibre of society is not what it used to be and we are probably all to blame - we have neglected our collective responsibility. We have forgotten the powerful and intrinsic value of the do-as-I-do example. We have lost our connection with nature - mother earth - the universe. But, you wouldn’t know this - you haven’t observed the birds and the bees in a very long time. Cell phones, Facebook and the vroom vroom of business have become the connection with self. Even when you are not physically engaged on these platforms, your thoughts and attention dwells with them and your next ego trip.

The lawlessness will only be eliminated when integrity-based law enforcement becomes merciless, non-discriminating, colour-blind and consistent. This will hopefully force perpetrators to experience moments of quiet reflection and then abandon their abusive habits and attitudes. 

The sad thing though, is, that although improving the situation is absolutely possible, many will still die before it is achieved if ever. Are you ready to die violently?  All vehicle accidents are violent - even the bumper bashes - it eats into your deepest sub and super-conscious levels where fear should not live - but it does!

What are you going to do about it? Will you become the example of morality? It is time... Be present when you drive - or die...

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Article written by Matthys Ferreira
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