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Six performance cars that you need to look at


Last week, I tackled the topic of cars as investments and listed a few that would have actually made you money had you purchased them at the right time.

The problem was that many of those were expensive to begin with. So I have now I have compiled a list (for us regular folks) of performance cars that you need to have a look at in our used-car-mad market.

Renault Clio RS200

The RS200 is one of the hot hatch greats, not only due to the fact that it is sublime in the bends, but also because it is one of the last naturally aspirated hot hatches before turbocharging became the norm. You may notice I have listed the RS200 and not the RS197, the reason for that being reliability. The 200 has an improved gearbox which not only makes it faster, but also more reliable and lighter on fuel. If you’re after one that that will be worth a bit of money one day, look out for the final Red Bull edition or the white-only 20th anniversary edition.

Fiat 500 Abarth

These little Fiat models were quite an expensive proposition when new, however, these days you’ll be able to pick one up for the same price as a budget hatchback. The Abarth model came with a 1.4 litre turbocharged motor in two states of tune. The standard model has 99 kW / 180 Nm (206 Nm on overboost), while the special edition model and Essesse have 118 kW / 206 Nm (230 Nm overboost). If you were to get a 595 Turismo or the 695 Tributo Ferrari at a good price now and keep in good condition, it may be worth quite a bit one day.

Citroen DS5

The DS5 didn’t ever take off locally and as a result, the examples currently in the used market are going for less than half of their new price. The DS5 is an achingly pretty car and it has some shove from a 147 kW / 285 Nm 1.6 litre turbocharged engine. I can see these being quite a collectable and sought after car when they reach classic status in the future.

BMW Z4 M Coupe / Roadster

You may have noticed that the values of the first M coupe, based on the Z3, have started going up as the car will soon be a proper classic. Well, the Z4 isn’t quite old enough yet and now would be the time to hunt for a clean one. It is powered by the same 3.2-litre straight-six engine as used in the E46 M3. That means 255 kW / 365 Nm with the same M differential and brakes from the M3 CSL, along with a red-line approaching 8 000 r/min.

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

Or should I say the Mercedes-AMG 63? Oh well, the model in question was before the name change. The previous generation (W204) C63 was a bit of a monster, not really that sophisticated either. Its M156 6.2-litre naturally aspirated motor is one of the great V8s due to its breadth of ability along with a spine-tingling soundtrack. Today, these cars can be had for really very little money, and sure to be worth a sizable chuck in the near future when V8 motors are few and far between.

Subaru WRX STI (G3)

The current formula for a really fast hatchback is to have a large turbocharged motor and a four-wheel drive system of some description. Some eight years ago, Subaru started the whole thing with its third generation model that was controversially a hatchback after the many sedans preceded it. At the moment, the hot STI versions of these cars are dropping in value as the older Subaru models go up. However, there will come a time when the iconic ‘stink-eye’ begins to gain value again.

Article written by Sean Nurse
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