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The Carmate Pro - 4 in 1 Universal Car kit


Being on the road most days and finding myself fielding a myriad of calls it is crucial that I can answer the phone safely … and that’s where the Carmate Universal Car Kit comes in. It allows me to keep my eyes on the road and to do business while driving. When you receive a call it automatically reduces the volume of whatever you have playing and you can answer the call on the device itself.

With the built -in microphone with noise suppression it becomes a completely hands-free unit that is crystal clear as the sound comes from your existing car speakers.

It is remarkably easy to set up, basically a plug and play and will work with your existing radio.  Paired with a phone it will save the configuration settings and stay connected each time you get in and out the car.

It is a basic set up utilizing the FM transmitter but with a real superior look and feel. All you have to do is simply select a frequency on the transmitter (I use 108.00) on the device and tune your radio to that same frequency and that’s it!  Its design allows you to rotate it around so you can position it at the optimal angle and the blue LEDs give it a sense of quality. The kit also includes a free phone holder, which clasps onto your air vent and secures your phone in place.

The Carmate Pro can also be utilized in connection with your navigation app on your phone as it will also lower the volume of whatever you are listening to for the navigation commands and with the free holder you’ll also be able to view your route.

Best of all if you are like me and you have all your music on your phone, Carmate Pro will stream the music through your radio via Bluetooth. You can plug in an SD card filled with your own music and play that too. Just load music on your SD card, plug it in and you can stream music over the FM transmitter.  If you have an mp3 player and use a cable it has the ability to play from any AUX source (3.5mm) as well.

Carmate Pro can even charge your phone too!

It is a nifty bit of kit for those of us without built in Bluetooth in our cars. It has a premium feel to it so not one of those traffic lights impulse buys. Carmate Pro is ICASA approved & ARRIVE ALIVE endorsed so you can be ensured of being legal and safe will using it.

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