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The coolest car colours and names out there


A vehicle’s paint is important, in fact, some people think that it is one of the most important decisions that they make regarding a car, apart from selecting which model to buy of course.

I have been sifting through the net and accessing the vast (hollow) expanse between my ears for some of the coolest car colours and some that were perhaps not that great, but had really interesting names.

Here’s the list:

Midnight Purple - Nissan Skyline GT-R: I remember playing PlayStation as a youngster and selecting Midnight Purple for all of my virtual Skyline models. I have encountered this hue in the metal before and it doesn’t disappoint.

AMG Solarbeam - Mercedes AMG GT-S: This colour screams ‘flagship’ and certainly introduced the world to AMG’s rather mind-bending GT-S, what a car, what a colour.

Arden Blue  - Opel OPC: Performance Opel products over the years have been finished in phenomenal colours, from a rather angry green to a lovely burnt orange and even a soft grey, however, the blue seen on many an OPC model is rather iconic these days.

World Rally Blue - Subaru: If there was ever an iconic colour combination, it has to be the blue seen on many a performance Subaru, usually paired with a set of gold alloy wheels.

British Racing Green Metallic - Mini: Despite the fact that there are colours such as Ice Chocolate Metallic, Volcanic Orange, Moonwalk Grey and Lapisluxury Blue, I had to pick the green, just because it has a such a history behind it. The Mini isn’t the only car to have this colour as an option but is the most likely to be seen locally with this paint work.

Rosso Corsa - Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia: The official racing colour of Italy since the 1920s this rampant red is as iconic as it is splendid.

Tangerine Scream - Ford Focus ST Mk III: After the beautiful orange hue that adorned many five-cylinder Mk II Focus ST's, it was only right that the brand mixed a new colour for its third model. This Tangerine blurs the lines between a light orange and a deep yellow; it’s quite hypnotic to look at. There is also a Stealth Grey in the range now, which looks, as its name suggests, quite discreet.

Nitro Blue - Ford Focus RS Mk III: Just when I thought the ST had a cool flagship colour, Ford introduced its new RS with a beautiful light blue shade, complete with gold flakes visible only in direct light.

I’ll be Black - Opel Adam: The Opel Adam range has a variety of rather clever range of names such as ‘Saturday White Fever’, however the fact that this colour alludes to one of the most iconic scenes from The Terminator (1984) just makes it one to remember.

Rebel Blue - Volvo: As Volvo continues to go from strength to strength as a brand, it is important to remember some of the cars that have made the brand stand out over the years. This blue has been seen on many Polestar-clad models over the years and remains quite stunning to view in the metal.

Lava Orange - Porsche 911: The Porsche brand is at the cutting edge in terms of technology and produce some of the best cars on the planet at the moment. However, looking through its website, the choice of colours surprised me, I hardly see any extravagant colours on Porsche models yet there are colours such as this lovely Lava Orange available to customers.

Sahkir Orange Metallic - BMW: A BMW M car looks sublime finished in this colour, from a the M4 Competition Pack through to the M6 Gran Coupe, this colour makes the lovely lines and surfacing pop in a special way.

Java Green - BMW: This colour comes from the BMW Individual range, which allows customers (for a rather hefty premium) to personalise their cars. This Java Green will certainly make your car stand out and very likely earn your car nicknames that will include references to The Hulk.

Liquid Yellow - Renault Sport: This has to be my favourite yellow, and photographs simply don’t do it justice. A clean Renault Sport model finished in this intricate yellow looks sublime. Another Renault Sport colour worthy of mention is Alien Green, seen in the Clio RS200. Just one example resides in South Africa.

Shark Grey - Citroen C4 Cactus: The C4 Cactus is a unique car and therefore having one that is pained in the same colour as a predator from the ocean is quite interesting. Think of the comparisons made between the desert and aquatic life when you’re chatting to your friends about it.

Viper Green - Volkswagen Cross Caddy: Many cars have been painted Viper Green throughout the decades, yet the car you’re most likely to see sporting this paint locally, is the Scirocco and the Cross Caddy. It is a rather special colour.

Nardo Gray - Audi: This colour has been one of the highlights of 2016 for me so far. I experienced this beautiful shade on the new RS3, it is quite stunning and is also available one several other Audi products.

Supernova Silver - McLaren: Okay, before anyone shouts and screams, I know that Volcano orange and Mantis Green are also cool McLaren colours, Supernova Silver not only sounds great (that alliteration and all) but it’s also quite a sophisticated hue.

Morning Frost White - Aston Martin: White cars wouldn’t normally make the list however in the case of this colour from the Special colour selection of the Aston Martin catalogue; it is quite refreshing to look at.

Can you think of any other special colours out there? I am sure that there are many however these are just some of my favourites.

Article written by Sean Nurse
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Posted by: Anton
Submitted: 27-09-2016
I must agree with your choice of colours!
Posted by: Mark replied to Anton
Submitted: 10-10-2016
Posted by: Kambole musonda
Submitted: 01-02-2018
I am asking for specs for rebel blue paint.i want to paint my caddy,my email is ll gladly appreciate
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Submitted: 28-05-2018