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Audi’s A3 lets the sunshine in


THE Audi A3 seems to be a re-occurring car that motoring publications test, as it gets stretched and altered to take on various forms, from the loveable hatch to the practical sedan and now the summery Cabriolet has graced our shores.

One thing’s for certain, the entire range is easy to love and the A3 Cab is no different, because it’s business as usual for this German, in the looks and technology department. The striking façade is distinctly A3, while the stretched body also looks the part.

The A3 is so candid about its love for open-top motoring with the roof folding down electro-hydraulically into three layers, in roughly 17 seconds, taking about 18 seconds to close again.

What greets you when the roof is down is a gentle acoustic affair of wind noise that’s kept in check by a wind deflector, while unshackling the noise of suburbia with a slight engine rumble permeating into the cabin from the 1.8-litre FSI powertrain.

The 132kW powertrain mated to the S tronic gearbox does prove a satisfying drive; the only downside is the lengthy options list and the rather expensive price tag.

The Cabriolet is a little bit new, but mostly the same when it comes to the A3 range, but it’s the refreshing drive and familiar themes with renewed energy that make the A3 so inviting for open-top motoring.

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