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BMW builds a 3 Series for bohemians


YOU KNOW the world as we know it is changing when luxury manufacturers start implementing hybrid technology to their cars.

It seems like the days of the combustion engine are truly numbered.

But I’m willing to embrace change. You know, give it a shot, particularly when I read news stories about the rise of Co2 reaching record levels. So I’m trying to embrace something green. Enter the BMW ActiveHybrid3, which somehow manages to find the balance between environmental and performance credentials.

None of the class that you’d expect in a BMW has been lost on this free spirit. The cabin is still luxurious and beyond comfortable. Yes, it is technically a 3 Series with a green conscience. And that conscience comes in the form of a six-cylinder in-line engine producing 225kW of power and an electric motor producing 40kW.

It’s the same powertrain you’ll find in the naughty 335i, but the hybrid means the car benefits from fuel-saving technology.

It’s the perfect car for the bohemian-type worker who likes rocking up to work in khaki and flip-flops, but doesn’t want to sacrifice any niceties and the comfort he has become accustomed to in an effort to save the planet. And he will have all the performance he still loves laying in waiting under his right foot.

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