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Big Bavarian is a suit-clad bullet


THERE is honestly not much to say when you are presented with a BMW 750i to test. I sat at work all day looking forward to driving home in sheer opulence.

Later on in traffic, the people around me were probably wondering how and why a guy in his 20s could afford such a thing.

I was enjoying the supremely comfortable ride. Even on our acne-scarred roads, it simply wafts along like it’s riding through a Serta commercial (happy now, 7-Series man?). The ride and refinement are simply outstanding. To get any better you may have to look at a Rolls Royce Phantom (which shares the 7-Series’ platform) or dare I say it, a Mercedes S-Class, which both have less road noise than the BMW.

The other thing is how it disguises its gargantuan proportions. When you look at it you think that it will be an absolute barge to drive, but when behind the wheel it feels like a small saloon, cocooning you as you go along.

The handling when the car is put into Sport or Sport+ modes becomes almost sports-car sharp and is mighty impressive from a car weighing over two tonnes.
Then there is the Pièce de résistance, its 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 motor, which produces 330kW and 650Nm and gave me the absolute shock of my life the first time I planted my foot on the accelerator.

I read the claimed 0-100km/h time of 4.8 seconds before I drove it and can report that the actual figure is probably not far off.

The surge is relentless thanks to the eight-speed ZF transmission that changes gears too quickly to notice. The hot-hatch brigade should look out for the blue-light brigade judging by the 7-Series’ shove.

When pressing on, the fuel consumption can become tear inducing. Having said that, if you can afford a 7-Series, fuel consumption probably isn’t high on your list of priorities.

Something that might be is a great audio system, which our BMW had in the form of a Bang and Olufsen that features Aux, USB and Bluetooth functionality. BMW’s iDrive even features in the back on TV screens. After all, how many 7-Series owners actually drive their cars?

In my short time with the car, the 750i left a massive impression. I had no idea cars could be this good at everything. That being said, I can understand that beautiful build quality, brilliant dynamics and tech-laden interior when you see the price of it all. The BMW 750i retails for R1 254 755 and includes a 5-year/100 000km Motorplan.

Article written by Sean Nurse
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