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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate – Merc of all trades


LATELY, estate vehicles had a bit of an image attached to them, similar to a Mom’s Mobile. Consumers seem to think of an estate as a vehicle you buy when you’ve lived your life and had your fun and you think, “It’s now time to take life seriously, settle down and start a family – there is, after all, enough room in an Estate.”

However, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate is here to change that perception. The Estate somehow manages to be as versatile as a pair of running shoes - you can do anything in them, be it sporty or social.

At a quick glance, the C250 BlueTEC Estate (on test at Autodealer), looks purpose-built with sweeping lines and curves. Look closer however and it dawns on you that serious hours were spent on the drawing board of this athletic looking Estate. It has grown up, somewhere, with an 80mm growth spurt in the wheelbase, translating to more space, leaving the new Estate a total of 96mm longer and 40mm wider than the previous version.

Mercedes-Benz also offers customers the choice between a sports grille, generating a more aggressive and dynamic stance or additionally, the luxury grille, where the three-pointed star is mounted on the bonnet – similar to previous generations of the C-Class.

On the inside - similar to the sedan versions – occupants can literally stretch their legs in the premium luxury interior Mercedes is known for.   

A clever feature on the car is the door-mounted seat adjustment controls, enabling users to easily find the perfect seating position. This function enables occupants to retain some dignity without having to caress the seats for the sake of finding that perfect position.

Similar to the sedan, the Estate features a highly detailed infotainment system with all the bells and whistles you can expect from the German marque such as navigation, media and vehicle settings and information. Using the touchpad system, users can navigate through the infotainment settings with relative ease. The C-Class also features a Head-Up display, providing drivers with all the essential information in their direct field of vision.

One of the more noteworthy safety features on the sporty Estate is the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive system. This clever feature assists drivers in keeping a safe following distance together with basic steering, by using information of the car’s surroundings to keep a “safety bubble” around the vehicle.

The C250 BlueTEC Estate on test at Autodealer delivers an impressive amount of pulling power as it delivers 150kW at 3 800rpm and 500Nm of gut-yanking torque available from 1 600rpm thanks to the diesel engine. Mercedes claims a 0-100km/h time of 6.9 seconds, although it might feel slightly wrong to test that claim in a luxury all-rounder such as this. During the test week, I achieved an impressive 8.2 litres/100km with a fair blend of both highway and city driving.


The C250 delivers a perfect balance of personalities for anyone seeking the best of all worlds minus off-roading. When the performance bug bites, the Merc delivers aplenty. It even handles extremely well despite its prominent stature. Get back to reality however and the C-Class Estate could be the car you can’t live without. The C-Class Estate comes standard with a six-year/100 000km maintenance plan.


C 180  Estate  R447 600
C 200 Estate R468 300
C 250 BlueTEC Estate R558 400


Article written by Deon van der Walt
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