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Opel's luxury supermini, the Adam Glam


Opel made a lot of fuss over the launch of the Adam. That's because it marked the first of a number of new generation Opel's that were headed for South Africa during 2015 - and brought with it a technological onslaught from the German manufacturer. So let's see what this luxury supermini has to offer.

On the outside

It's quite a funky looking thing, the Adam. Something I'm sure many an urban trend setter might like. Good thing that, because those are exactly the people that Opel are targeting. "People who want self-expression through their clothes, lifestyle and cars," said the company's brand manager. Accordingly there's a wide variety of colour and wheel options to make your Adam unique. You can also have a two-tone paint job. Nice.

On the inside

The theme of unlimited customisation continues on the inside too. In this Glam model you can colour code interior panels to match your paint, for example. Or opt for the '64 Starz' headliner which features 64 individual LED elements to create the effect of a starry night sky.

But what's better is all the kit you get with an Adam. Park assist is standard as are blind spot indicators, cruise control, climate control, auto lights and wipers and all kinds of mobile connectivity through the audio system.

Behind the wheel

There's a fizzy little three pot up front, with a turbo of course, mated to a six-speed manual 'box. Same as the one in the Corsa. 85kW will get you along nicely if you're prepared to wring its neck a little. The clutch is a bit vague though.

Again there's a bunch of tech on offer, like super light 'city' steering mode (in case parking lots are too much of a workout for you) and even a parking assistant. Yes, the little Adam will park itself. Neat.

Downsides all involve the suspension. It's just not very well damped, leading to lots of crashing about over uneven road surfaces and a generally loose feeling front end.


It's a surprising space for Opel to want to play, I think. The luxury supermini segment tends to be left to the likes of Audi's A1. But I think Opel has offered all of the luxury stuff and a load of trendy stuff at the price of a bog standard supermini. That's a neat trick. So I expect to see loads of them running about.

Vehicle specs

Price: R236,000

Engine: 1.0 litre turbocharged petrol

Power: 85kW

Torque: 166Nm

Consumption: 5.0l/100km (claimed)

Service: Three-year 60,000km service plan, five-year 120,000km warranty


Article written by Miles Downard
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