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Renault Kadjar now with EDC and diesel engine


The other day a Renault Kadjar arrived at our office. The reason why I bring this up is because I have already tested one. In fact, the vehicle that arrived looked exactly the same as the one I had a few months ago. When I asked the driver why they brought the exact same car to the office again he told me that this one was new...

From the outside the Kadjar looks the same so I don’t really know what his idea of ‘new’ is all about. It was finished in a sparkling, deep red paint with massive 19”inch wheels, exactly the same as before. Now I just so happen to be a fan of the Kadjar. I really do like the way it looks. Why? Well for starters the Renault looks really good from just about every angle, in particular the front end. The front end exudes an impression of strength. The manner in which the chrome strip continues across the LED head lights enhances the visual impression of width and contributes to the Kadjar's assertive character.

It was only once I got inside that I noticed that this model featured an automatic gear lever, or EDC as Renault like to call it. The model that I had a few months ago was a manual. Other than that the interior is a nice place to be. It’s spacious and it looks and feels top quality. This, being the top-of-the line Dynamique model it featured Renaults R-Link 2 multimedia entertainment system which is pretty nifty. It is easy to use, mostly because it has similar features to that of an iPad, like the ‘swipe’ function between different menus. It’s not the fastest system but the SatNav is pretty cool. I also like the digital instrument display. It gives you the option to customize the colour and look of the display.

It was only once I pressed the Start button that I realised why this car was here, it’s a diesel. Renault only introduced the Kadjar diesel into our market a few weeks ago. I’m glad they did because having a diesel crossover makes sense because that low down torque makes a difference.

As I sat there in the parking lot cycling through the trip computer until I came across the range. The car reckons that it could do 1100km on the fuel in the tank. A bold statement really, however I figured that it will most probably drop quite rapidly once I got moving, it didn’t.

On the highway the Kadjar returns a comfortable ride when taking into account the low profile tyres which I feel do have a slight disadvantage as they are prone to fall victim to a pothole or two. As for the automatic gearbox, well it makes traffic situations much more stress free however I did find that it would be undecided at times, holding onto a higher gear or changing up then quickly changing down again. The little 1.5-litre turbo diesel motor develops 81kW and 250Nm of torque. As for fuel consumption well my trip from our East Rand office to Witbank resulted in a 5.3l/100km return. The economy eventually evened out to an average of 6.0l/100km throughout my test week.

Upon my return of the vehicle I had covered a sizable 860km with a remaining fuel range of around 140km, which if your maths is any good result in a range of 1000km, only 100km off the claimed distance it gave me a week earlier.

After spending the week with the car I really have come to the conclusion that a diesel crossover is ideal for anyone looking for a car that can deal with a growing family who have active lifestyles. It will set you back R414 900 which is actually a competitive price when compared to its rivals from Nissan, VW and KIA.

Article written by Justin Jacobs
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