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The BMW 2 Series - a graceful pleasure


The BMW 2 Series was born during the Internet age. Fans can Google it, get encapsulated by it and even interact with it online. Luckily, I got to review this baby Beemer in the flesh. The numbers: M235i, grace the rear of this looker.

Many may feel that this new 2 Series is a cut-and-paste of the 1 Series coupé with an altered name that could perhaps dilute the brand. Well, it’s anything but! This new German edition carves out a new name and path for itself and the luxury automaker. Driving the performance-heavy M235i - which combines a decent amount of crafted electronics and outright gusto to allow the driver to not only drive the car but engage with it - echoes the brand’s motto: “Sheer driving pleasure,” which is immediately evident.

The fact that the 240kW of power and 450Nm of torque coming from the in-line six cylinder three-litre powertrain, can perform like a classical symphony with a delicate piano undertone, delivering a composed driving scenario, thanks to the crafted electronics that keep you safe and dare I say… frugal, in Eco Pro mode. But, at the press of a button, the suspension gets firmer, the steering gets much sharper and the hooligan comes to play.

The M235i transforms into a thrash metal band, and the once calm and surreal BMW is now a loud sideways sliding machine that is destined to become a cult hit as it unleashes your inner adolescent that still craves amusement and excitement, offering an escape from the mundane. For many commuters today, a car is just that - a way to get around. Thankfully, BMW still manages to produce driver-focused cars that are thrill-inducing.

Admittedly, the naming game might deter people who don’t understand, but nothing’s been lost in this new breed of excitement. The quality is distinctly BMW as the brand keeps it classy, with finishes you would expect. But it’s the outright performance, which is something to behold. Take these figures for example, 0-100km/h in 5.0 seconds in our manual test car and limited to a top speed of 250km/h makes it a natural anti-depressant.

Overall, this is truly one for the drivers. The car is best served warm and with a full tank of gas so that you can enjoy everything it has to offer. Ultimately, this new M235i is staking a worthy case for its own name as it reveals just how different it is from its 1 Series sibling.

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