Who needs to go out this winter when you can pump up from home?

This June, Discovery Channel continues to fulfil the needs of petrolheads by providing nothing but the best car shows. Make sure that you don’t miss out on the new season of STREET OUTLAWS this month, with a drive that will inspire you to want to be an underground street racer.

It sees Oklahoma City’s (OKC) elite team of street racers starting their engines and stepping on the gas as the series revs up to another gear. In this new series, the "405" racers are in California taking on Boddie and his group of racers, but it won’t be an easy task at all. The 405 hopes to start afresh. But on race night, the same old games threaten to break them apart before they start.

On the other hand, if the OKC team can't find a way to work together and start winning some races, the whole trip may turn out to be a costly disaster. With Ryan Martin in a risky race against street racing legend, Gypsy Mike, and Big Chief facing off against Boddie in the battle of the team leaders, there's way more than just money on the line. And, when racers are desperate for wins, some will always push it too far.

This winter, make your Friday nights worthwhile and catch the STREET OUTLAWS at 21:00 from June 7 on Discovery Channel (DStv 121).

Original article from Car