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2002 Audi A4 1.8T Multitronic Owner Review    

Engine: 1.8 Petrol, 196,000 km., Automatic, Sedan 4dr,
Owning Less than a Year, Was buying as "Used" - Will not buy again
Author: Shane, Centurion, Gauteng
Submitted: 16-04-2012

Beautiful car from all angles and an absolute pleasure to drive (when it works). The car has ample space for a family and it has a large boot. It drives very well, it has a good turning cirlce and can surprisingly (being a large sedan) can get you out of even the tiniest of spots. It has plenty of power with quick acceleration. The multitronic gearbox is a complete joke and often glitches. I have purchased it as a used vehicle but noticed that the gearbox has been "repaired" several times to no avail. If it was not for the multitronic gearbox I would say this car was about perfect and would not need to be replaced. The quality of finishes are also very good.


Good looking car.
Lots of space.
Very comfortable and pleasurable drive!


Multitronic gearbox (very very bad and very very costly to repair if anything goes wrong - also repairs on it cannot guarantee that it will drive the same or not break again).
On the CVT / Multitronic - advised not to speed away on first gear - need to be gentle with it.

Advice for a Buyer:

Do not buy a used vehicle with a CVT or Multitronic gearbox.

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Posted by: mike nkomo
Submitted: 09-05-2012
i need this car
Posted by: David Jacobson
Submitted: 30-07-2015
A quick search on the net wouldve told you avoid the multitronic on the B6. I currently have a 1.8T 6-sp sportline(bought in '10) but had a 5-sp 120Kw 1.8t previous which was an amazing car with little problems. I only sold it because the sportline was a bargain at the time(R90K with 100,000km)I've had virtually worry free driving since but coilpacks on both failed. So in essence check if coilpacks and cambelt have been replaced and avoid the multitronic gearbox at all costs. Still driving my B6 Audi A4 1.8T 6-sp as 2nd car (now at 255,000km) with no problems. What a car. Bulletproof engine.I also recommend a 1.9Tdi B6 Avant my father-law has that, its going strong at 310,000km with regular services from an idependent though.