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1998 BMW 318is 5-Speed Manual Owner Review    

Engine: 1.8 Petrol, 162,000 km., Manual, Sedan 4dr,
Owning 3 years, Was buying as "Used" - Will buy again
Author: Michael, Сape town, Western Cape
Submitted: 29-02-2012

It is a comfortable drive. Has power from 1st to third gear, managing 100km/h at the top end of the 2nd gear. after the third gear it is not that powerful anymore. But with the sunroof,central locking, electric windows and leather interior. It has proved to be a good buy.


reasonable petrol consumption for 1800
does not give mechanical faults easily
still looks good and not outdated


not pleasant for long trips, leather causes car to become hot and stuffy, causing you to put a/c on for most of the long journey.

Advice for a Buyer:

Check service history, and age and gender of previous owner: if a young male ranging from 18 to 21 owned it, check the mechanics of car thoroughly.

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