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2007 Chana Star 1300 club Owner Review    

Engine: 1.3 Petrol, 46,000 km., Manual, Bakkie Club Cab 2dr,
Owning 1 years, Was buying as "Used" - Will not buy again
Author: J. Hendrick, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Submitted: 07-01-2012

Brake power be very alert at all times .


Small , easy to drive , parking easy ,


I don't think engine is up to hard diving. Work
Brakes are dismal !!!!!!!
Seats make sure you eat a lot so you can cushion hard cushions

Advice for a Buyer:

Look at Citroen berlingo , Renault panelvan

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Posted by: bcs
Submitted: 31-01-2014
Pros of Chana: light on petrol, nippy when we first got it. Parts are extremely cheap Cons: falls to pieces as soon as you look at it. Made to absolute minimum spec, bits are always coming loose or failing. Our hassles so far: electrics, propshaft cv's wipers aircon. Can't recommend it.
Posted by: Lucas
Submitted: 11-02-2014
I have a 1300 Clubcab Bakkie. Had it almost from new (2800km) and it is on 44000km. I agree it's very cheap to maintain. Did some modifications; Bull, Roll and Tow bar. Widened steel rims to fit 205/60 R13 tyres. Replaced complete exaust with a short 55mm piece using one relatively large silencer. Fitted "central" locking as well as "smash and grab". My solution to the seat issue was fitting "Stingtay" 4x4 seat covers with 50mm foam between seat cover and seat. Has been to Botswana/Potchefstroom a few times travelling at 130+km/hr.
Posted by: Jan
Submitted: 08-02-2018
Chana Star, what license would I need, code 08 or 10?